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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions detail hereunder state our mutual commitments. Your agreement allows you to occupy the apartment specified in your contract and confirmation email during the specified rental period including full use of the apartment’s contents.

The apartment rental Includes

  • Rental price, building expenses, city taxes and services such as Electricity, water, gas and High-speed internet connection.
  • We personally receive our clients according to the ID or passport provided after reservation is confirmed, please keep in mind that we will not be able to check-in guest others than the ones that were confirmed on the reservation.
  • Full furnished apartment will be provided which also included linens and towels.
  • Taxes, commissions, and utilities are not included in the price published and varies on the length of stay.


Pictures on this site

All the apartments on this website have been revised by a member of our staff. We guarantee that the apartment reserved is the apartment that you see in the photos.


Security Deposit

A Security deposit will be required in every single reservation and varies accordingly to the length of your stay and the apartment selected. The Security Deposit will be kept and our bank account or in cash and will be held for maximum of 72 hours after checkout, then, will be returned if there are no damages, unremovable stains in the towels or bed sheets, broken or burned cooking utensils and cookware or missing items in the apartment.  The guest will be responsible to keep the property and all equipment under the same conditions in which it was received at the Check-in and should restore equal conditions of cleanliness and conservation. The Security Deposit will be retained in order to ensure the perfect conditions of the apartment. The security deposit will be refunded in full by our agency to the guest once the contract is completed and verified the status of the property. In the same act, the guest must return the keys.




  • It is not allowed to change the lock on the front door to the apartment.
  • It is not allowed to have others staying at the property without the prior consent of the landlord.
  • It is not allowed to sublet.
  • It is not allowed to make modifications, holes in the building
  • It is not permitted any illegal act or engages in illegal activities on or in the property.
  • Gatherings with guests are only allowed during the hours stipulated by the City of Buenos Aires Law.



Check in and Check out

In order to make sure to provide the best service, a member of our team will be waiting for you at the check-in and also at the checkout.  That day you will take possession of the property, and sign a legal rental contract between you and one of the representatives of our agency, who are representing the owner at the moment of check-in, the name and ID of the owner will be expressed on the contract. Check-in and Check-out outside normal working hours (8:30 am – 8 pm, Mon to Fry) will be charged with an additional fee.


How to reserve?

Once you decide which apartment suits your best, a reservation amount will be pay by using one of our payment methods:  Bank Transfer (USA bank account, Argentina’s Bank Account, Payonner or Zelle) Guests are responsible for all transfer costs. Reservations made online or at the office imply that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. All bookings are non-refundable regardless of the length of stay.

Price Change

A revision of the prices may take place, keep in mind that we don’t set prices, we input the price provided by the owner and approved by our company. Owners usually update prices according with inflation. Upon confirmation of your booking the price will be fixed and will remain unchanged.


By Booking one of our properties, means that agreed to the terms and conditions of this Accommodation Agreement and have received a Payment Confirmation by email, collectively.. The Owner is not obliged to make this Accommodation available until the Payment Confirmation is sent by email.

You irrevocably agree by paying the Initial Reservation Payment,  that your reservation is NOT REFUNDABLE in any event, and will result in the forfeiture of the Total Rent agree on the email ” Reservation Confirmed”, which is sum of the Initial Reservation Payment plus the Rent Balance. The Rent Balance is the remaining amount of the Total Rent after deducting the Initial Reservation Payment.  The service fee is irrevocably not refundable, and by making your reservation you are accepting our Terms and Conditions.

Admission and Permanence in the apartment

Guests are obligated to provide the names of every single tenant and the ID number/ Passport or DNI.  Some owners request proof of study and current proof of income. The guest must respect the buildings rules in relation to the admission of pets, noises and other associated circumstances. The violation of the regulation us basis for eviction. The temporary rental contract must be sign for a guest over legal age.



Maintenance Issues

Kindly advise us of any problem as soon as you identify it and we will make every effort to solve it at the earliest. We are unable to solve a problem if we are unaware of its existence.

My lovely Apart will not relocate guests or cancel a reservation due to complaint resulting from causes that are beyond our agency or the owner’s control including:  street noise, construction nose, temporary malfunctioning of elevator, repair to neighboring properties, interruptions of the internet or any other services.

We’ll do every single effort to provide a solution to those problems, such electrical supplies and case of gas problems for example, and the final resolution will be defined between the owner of the property and the guest, MylovelyApart will act as a mediator.


Maximum Capacity

Our property description clearly states the maximum number of people that can sleep in the property. Which under no circumstances can be exceeded. We are contractually obligated to stablish legal limits enforced by the relevant authorities. You will be requesting to evacuate the apartment in case of over occupancy.



Our apartments ae smoke free, smoking is permitted only balconies and terrace areas.  In case of smoke inside the properties, part of the security deposit will be held during a period after checking out to ventilate the property, clean towel, sheets, curtains and wall to remove the smoke.


Your local legislation

Before publishing your space, we ask that you inform yourself about the applicable legal regulations (regulations on building, use of real estate, licenses or taxes.

Since you are exclusively responsible when deciding to advertise or reserve a space, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the applicable legislation and regulations before announcing your space on My Lovely Apart. By announcing your space, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions.


Personal Liability Security

We kindle recommend you take a travel insurance that will cover you in the unfortunate event that you become sick, injured in the property during your stay. Owners are not responsible for the direct or indirect harm suffered.


Protection of your personal information

Our commitment regarding the protection of your personal information is essential. We do not rent, sell or disclose any part the information collected from you or third parties.  Credit card information kept confidential and safeguard by our secure server.

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