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Study: Argentina is Third Best Country in the World to Make Friends

Posted by sylvia on 17 May, 2019

Article by: Camilo Pacheco

A new InterNations survey has come to reaffirm that we like chamuyo (the Argentine particular brand of flirting) and hanging out so much, that Argentina is the third best country in the world for finding friends and/or to fall in love with a local. So there’s literally no excuse for spending New Year’s Eve alone.

The reason that many people say Argentina is extremely friendly is “the openness of its people,” which means that you can sip a freshly brewed matefrom the shirtless guy that you just met at the park, and no one will judge you.

A Swedish expat who took part in the survey that included 12,519 respondents representing 166 nationalities, said that in Argentina “you can always have a little chat with someone you don’t know while you’re waiting for something.” And she was right. If you are at the verdulería or even at the gym showers, there’s always someone willing to make small talk. (It’s called being friendly, not nosy, LOOK IT UP! SMH)

Smile! There will always be new friends out there just waiting for you to tell them your hysterical life’s story.

And with so much tango going on and so little space at public transportation that traveling feels a lot like dancing (I know, we’re being really optimistic, just go with it), Argentina also ranks as one of the best countries for expats to have a happy romantic relationship. Between 61 percent and 76 percent of the surveyed love birds admitted to being in a committed love story with someone.

Warning: If you are up for having new friends everywhere but you appreciate your personal space, Argentina also ranks as the country with the lowest preferred amount of personal space in the world. So, you know, be warned, ye who enter here, or whatever.



Here Are The Top Ten Countries Where Finding Friends is Very Easy

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Mexico
  3. Argentina
  4. Uganda
  5. Malta
  6. Bahrain
  7. Oman
  8. Cambodia
  9. The Philippines
  10. Colombia

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